The Farm

A Suffolk Farm


Manor Farm was bought by the Mann family back in 2012. The mixed arable farm compromising 200 acres of sandy loam land, 35 acres of mature woodland and 15 acres of paddocks for the horse stables. Since 2012 Peter and his parents have invested in irrigation across the whole farm and into subsequent land they have brought over the last few years. This investment has enabled us to run a intensive arable operation over the land. The farm has expanded over the years to now be 330acres of irrigated arable land which is all cropped in this way.

Crops On The Farm:

  • Potatoes – see in flower mid-late May (Grown by Peter Mann who runs the wider family partnership Mann potatoes which is part of 3m’s and SPL)
  • Onions (The potatoes and onions will be harvested in July some of the earliest crops grown in the UK)
  • Turf! You will see acres of lush turf which is cut all year round for properties over the UK.
  • Maize (This is destined for the anaerobic digester at Bent Waters Park which the family invested in when it was first built back in 2010)
  • In August you will see the hand planting of some 200,000 Christmas trees which are potted and grown over a 5 year period

Environmental Efforts:

  • The farm is currently part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and has flower rich margins and bird mixes around the farm to create a hub of diverse habitats for insects and ground nesting birds. These are left undisturbed year round apart from being re sown each year to keep the margins buoyant with life.
  • If you come to stay in June-July you will see the flower rich margins at there best with the bees and butterfly’s in abundance.
  • The farm has in the past come runner up in pollinator of the year due to finding some very rare bees on the farm in 2017.
  • We have tried to add to this by creating out own bee hive colony at the end of the garden
  • This we hope will connect the farm along our flower rich margins to become its own bee corridor to help pollinate the crops.

Our Farm and Other Animals:

  • As you will find out when you come to stay the farm is not just arable and machinery we have a lovely 14 stable livery yard. The livery yard is situated just outside the house and the paddocks encompass the house, gardens and glamping site.
  • Sally the Sow and her many babies. Guests are welcome to pet the pigs.
  • Our crazy goats. On the farm we currently have two Pygmy Goats and four Toggenburg. Animal feeds is available to buy as well as given to guest in a welcome pack.
  • 20 Rescued ex-battery hens that give us good supply of eggs. Boxes of eggs can be bought from our little garden stall for your breakfast.
  • Guard geese (Harry and Megan, gifted to us the weekend the royal wedding) keep watch from the pond
  • Pets: Rosie and Rodney the dogs and Rufus the cat (all very friendly and love attention from guests!)